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Be the hero of the day | Be the hero of the night


Olga has an eye to beauty translating it in a very creative and artistic approach. She has been surrounded by visual esthetics since childhood and believed that it would become part of her story. She started work in the field of beauty in 2014, she has become a trendsetter adding fresh layers to established rules and surprising with new ideas accompanied by sophistication. She loves luminous skin, the French-kissed look, sexy textured hair, tasteful elegance. She knows how to highlight inner power creating natural soft look and to empower personality with celebration of colors and textures.

Olga takes inspiration from timeless beauty, impressive photographic galleries, Art masterpieces, iconic movies and of course her fascinating clients.

Embraced by Cote d’Azur ambiance Olga is working with celebrities on red carpet events, models for runway shows, and actors for films/TV. Her style is inspired by an unforgettable blend of vintage glamour and modern luxury.

Olga had a delightful experience to take part in the fashion shows of Cartier, Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, and create projects for L’Officielle, Huf Magazine, Institute Magazine, Afi Magazine, Soltstice Magazine, Atlas Magazine. Due to the artist’s curiosity and eagerness to try new things, her portfolio is impressive in its diversity including fashion, music, theatre, advertising, and film industry.

Olga uncovers hidden jewels in every client transforming their energy into real-world success while it fits their personal taste and style.

She makes every woman feel happy to be watched and admired being the hero of the day or more likely the night.

Be the hero of the day
Be the hero of the night
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